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The Story of H&M and Us – A Happy Ending

It’s high time we announced the winners of the H&M live brief isn’t it?!

A few weeks ago Simone Lindblad, Talent Recruitment for H&M HR, and Ana San Jose Cortajarena, Print Designer for H&M Childrenswear returned to the Faculty of Art and Design and spent the day judging the work produced by students from BA and MDes (Hons) Surface Pattern Design, exhibited in Swansea College of Art’s Alex building. Simone and Ana said they were highly impressed by the standard of the work on show and found it incredibly difficult to choose their shortlist and winners.

Choose they did however! And we are overjoyed for the final 6 selected by the H&M team, and exceptionally proud of the whole group who took part. H&M praised the entire student cohort; their individual design journeys were huge and they commented on their professionalism, excellent creativity and presentation skills. Building employability into the Surface Pattern Design programme in such a creative way sets our student experience and graduates apart. We look forward to future live project liaisons with H&M and can’t wait to see how our super 6 get on in Stockholm!

First prize was won by second year student Megan Thomas, much praised by H&M for her sophisticated print design collection for menswear. They said that it addressed the theme and customer perfectly and was “ready for market.” They said it was the best project they had ever seen through a University project of this kind – incredible! We are so proud of her achievements – she took a risk changing the direction of her project from a familiar womenswear context to a less familiar menswear one after the midway feedback critique with Simone and Ana. It has totally paid off. Stockholm here she comes! H&M here she comes with a very generous pocket full of vouchers!

She will be joined by five other students for a three-month internship in Stockholm this summer.

Second place Madeline Hearne, 2nd year Textiles for Fashion student

Third prize winner Bethan Davies described the project as “really busy but a really good experience. I’m speechless!”

Runners up Emily James, Jessica Robinson and Danielle Taylor will be joining them too.

What did 3rd year Leah Pryce think about….

…Doing the live brief with H&M? - I have learnt always to refer back to current trends for inspiration and purpose. I feel the best thing about this project is how thorough the feedback is and how it has inspired me for my final major project within university.

…The benefits of winning a placement with H&M? -I know I would benefit from winning a placement with H&M as it gives me a real insight into working for a big company and would develop my skills so that I could apply to future jobs or projects with confidence.

… Surface Pattern Design Swansea?- SPD at Swansea has given me a better understanding of what the design industry is looking for, the range of uses for materials and techniques, and the ability to develop my designs appropriately to the variety of projects.

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